30 Reasons that made me quit my job and start travelling!

Words to live by…

Check it out and re-evaluate your life!


100 Most Famous Landmarks Around the world

Attached is a link to a page I love to read…

I wrote down a list in my jornal of all the land marks I want to see!!!

Well get my photo with hehehe :p


100 Most Famous Landmarks around the world.




So your thinking of becoming a Flight Attendant?

I flew with a middle eastern airline and LOVED IT! With each job comes pro’s and con’s. I love working with people and visiting amazing places for free! Yes, that does come with the job but so does barely sleeping, dealing with angry passengers and working through different time zones.

To be honest I loved the job, I saw places I could never afford or would never think to visit. Would I go back to being a flight attendant? No, only because I want to settle down (Please don’t get confused Im still a travel-a-holic).

The job can get very lonely but I recommend everyone trying it atleast once in your life….

Good luck for those interested in flying the skys.

My advice to you, show up to your interview dressed to the 9’s and a SMILE 😀 !!!

Spend the Holiday Season in New York

Spending the holidays in NYC is an experience unlike any other. Ice skating in Times Square, watching the horse and buggies stroll around Central, and viewing the winter wonderland displays in stores along Fifth Avenue have made NYC a popular spot for celebrating Christmas. Rockefeller centre was my favourite Christmas destination, NYC offers plenty of fun things to do both indoors and outdoors during the holidays season. Whether it’s viewing a play on Broadway or watching a tree lighting ceremony. While I was in New york I stayed at the Paramount Hotel in Time Square. The location was fantastic we walked everywhere (where compfy shoes!). My family and I visited the statue of Liberty aswell for $17 dollars a boat Transferred us from the pier to the statue and back. You also have an option to visit Ellis Island aswell. You can hop on the subway for $2.75 each way a person. You just take the red line to the last stop. We visited 5th Avenue that has fantastic deals for your shopping needs. Canal street is fun too if you love to bargain and get cheap fake purses and jewellery. Broadway is very popular and I highly recommend checking out a show, they have something for everyone. The night life is always happening in New york 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
I was in New York for only 3 days 2 nights and I truly wish I had more time. There is so much to do in NewYork and I left the city with true Holiday Spirits. I truly LOVE NEW YORK CITY 😀 -Thank you for reading -Teeefly

(Photo taken in Central Park Dec 3rd 2013)